Installing Linux Kernel v4.10

I started using CentOS over several other Distros that I have been testing ever the years. I still have an Ubuntu laptop just to keep up to date with things seeing that it’s one of the most popular ones.

I’ve covered installing Kernels before but I wanted to refresh that topic and include how to do it on CentOS.

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Upgrading Ubuntu Kernel

Since I’m running my Minecraft server on Ubuntu, I thought to experiment and upgrade the Kernel to the bleeding edge. 🙂 Yes, I know I said I’m not a bleeding edge kind of guy but there are some benefits so I thought I’d check it out.

Warning: We suggest that you do not upgrade your kernel on your production machine as it could cause your system to crash. Test it on a non-production system first to make sure, you just never know. Despite me not having an issue, you may not fare as well. And as always, backup your system before doing anything this critical. Don’t say we didn’t warn you 😉

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