Let us take care of all your computer needs now and in the future. We provide upgrade services for both Software and Hardware, system tweaks and more. We can come to you or work remotely.

Hardware Installation

Recommend options depending on your computer specifications and your needs. We professionally install all hardware including drivers and updates to ensure smooth operation and function. Included in the price, we will perform tests to ensure that your hardware is functioning as it should.

Software Installation

Recommend compatible software for your computer build to guarantee functionality. We will install, configure and perform tests to ensure your software functions properly as well as ensure that all updates have been included.

Hardware Upgrades

Tired of that old component not working the way it should? We will recommend the proper upgrade for your machine, perform a professional install of the hardware, drivers and additional software as well as run tests to ensure that the new part is working optimally.

Computer Setup

Just bought a new computer? Let us install it for you. This service includes complete setup, including a printer, speakers or other accessories. We will tune your system for optimal performance, ensure proper cable management is done; included is a backup and restore of all your important documents, pictures and/or music.

Wireless Network Setup

We will install and configure your home network to ensure it is secure. Included in this package, we will setup your computer to share files, printers or other media; we will also test your network to ensure that you receive proper signal and that your equipment is functioning properly. It also includes setup of one email account. We can also install your VOIP (Vonage) hardware.

General Services

We can install security updates, update system software and drivers, interface cleanup, browser tweaks for safe and secure on-line experience as well as optimization by installing pop-up blockers, ad-blocker and anti-phishing plugins. Remove trial-ware and utilities that slow your computer and setup additional user accounts.

Need help?

Submit a ticket via email, we will review your question and email you a quote. Be sure to include the following:

  • Outline the steps you went through or what you were doing when the issue happened.
  • A detailed explanation of your issue, what you have done so far to troubleshoot if anything.
  • Include screenshots if possible.

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