Facebook’s Graph Search

In an attempt to keep up with Google and Google+, Facebook is rolling out Graph search to allow users to search through their networks to discover information about family, friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers. While Graph Search doesn’t reveal any new information about users, it does make finding existing information incredibly easy.

To see if you have this feature already or to sign up, go here: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

While FB is marketing this feature as a way to find movies, places to eat, stay and shop; we know well what it will be really used for.. To search for info on your friends and other people you or anyone else is interested in. The basis of it is what people allows as public and that little thing is what will make this feature either a success or not. The more you leave open, the more anyone can dig up on you.

Let’s say someone posts that they like Belikin, if you run a search for people who like Belikin, they will show up on your list even if you are not tied to them in any way and the same goes the other way around. Searches can be made in many ways and it may just bring up that old picture, song or post you had just about forgotten about.

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Be safe online

This is a quick walk-through on how to be safe when you are online. This is not a definitive list nor does it guarantee of safety; you are responsible for what you do online, where you browse and what you click on while you’re there. Keep in mind that everyone does things differently and have their own opinions on how to do things. If someone tells you different, it does not make them wrong or right nor does it make us right or wrong.

Just keep in mind to use common sense when online; if you have to second guess something, don’t do it or ask someone who would know. This list is not detailed or complete, is not the only way nor is it OS specific.

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