We’re on GitHub

Just in case you didn’t notice the GitHub icon in Social section on the left menu, we are on GitHub. There are several things on there already that may be useful to someone out there. We’ll attempt to keep thing update and adding new stuff as we can.

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MineCrack Xbox 360 Edition

MineCrack for Xbox 360 🙂

Laptop Coffee

So, about a week ago I used some of my GameStop points to buy a used copy of the Xbox version of Minecraft.

Good Gods, this thing is more addicting than World of Warcraft! You can’t say, “Just one more quest… One more quest…” because there ARE NO quests! All the toodling-around you do in the game is whatever you’ve chosen to do. I was up til 5 am the first night!

It took me a while, but I eventually realized the “straight-out-of-box” game wasn’t the version in all the tutorials. So yesterday I traded in my 3DS and a few games so I could get the Wi-Fi adapter for our Xbox. Don’t worry, I hadn’t touched them in months, so I was fine trading them in. I also got $15 Xbox credit to get some skin & texture packs.

The Fantasy texture pack is Adorbs! The sheep have cute…

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How to Download Mods Easily-With Kovacic’s Mod Pack

Once you have your Windows server going, get your mods going with this pack.



Did you know that there is an easy way to download mods extremely quickly. In fact, in less than a SECOND!!! Well, now I’m going to share this way with you, and show you stp by step on how to do so.

Let’s start out with an example, shall we? For one thing, how many of you want to download the Herobrine mod, which allows herobrine to roam your world. Also, you’ll receive some coolnew items as well. Also, some other examples, the ICMB mod, Minecraft Comes to Life, Clay Soldiers, Too Many Items, More Weapons, Gun Mod, Minions Mod, Floating Ruins Mod, there are several mods tochoose from, including the popular mod ,”BuildCraft.” That’s right. You can just install them within seconds! Now, back t the first example, the Herobrine Mod. If you’ve heard of my newest map, “Brine” which is based off of the game “Slender,” 9P.S. Really…

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Hosting a Minecraft server behind a router

To go along with our tutorial to create a server https://computerobz.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/how-to-minecraft-server-on-ubuntu/, this one shows you Port-Forwarding.

The Wanderer

As Minecraft became more and more popular a plethora of server hosting solutions began to appear. Unfortunately Minecraft is a hungry resource eater, and even for about 10 players it requires quite a beefy computer with lots of RAM. Needless to say, the cheapest solutions of hosting are often disappointing, while those that provide lots of slots have ridiculous slots.

But what if you have a beefy computer and good connection? Well, you could host your own server then! It might not have 99% uptime, but for some fun sessions with your friends it proves to be more than enough.

Oh, but you have a router… it matters not! I’m sure you heard about port forwarding. Now, I’m not sure if this is a 100% proof solution if you’re on a DSL connection, and it also depends on how well a router can be configured, but I assume that…

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New Card Skimmer Attaches To POS Card Readers

Just when you thought it could not get any sneakier for evil doers to steal your information this comes up. Now Skimmers are setting up to look like the actual card reader by layering their system on top of the reader.

Brian Krebs has found a fascinating example of a card skimmer – essentially a machine that steals your credit card number – that masquerades as a real POS terminal. The skimmer fits over the ubiquitous Verifone POS reader and even reads key-presses. It is virtually indistinguishable from the actual POS card reader and can be slipped on and off without the retailer’s knowledge – or, more chillingly, with the retailer’s consent. Continue reading New Card Skimmer Attaches To POS Card Readers

Transparent BPO Open Positions

Transparent BPO is currently looking for a programmer to join our technology team.


  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Proficiency in the LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Works well in a collaborative environment
  • Some development experience preferred

Competitve salary and full health, dental and vision benefits for qualified employees.

Developer friendly environment.

See more about the company and apply here.

Be safe online

This is a quick walk-through on how to be safe when you are online. This is not a definitive list nor does it guarantee of safety; you are responsible for what you do online, where you browse and what you click on while you’re there. Keep in mind that everyone does things differently and have their own opinions on how to do things. If someone tells you different, it does not make them wrong or right nor does it make us right or wrong.

Just keep in mind to use common sense when online; if you have to second guess something, don’t do it or ask someone who would know. This list is not detailed or complete, is not the only way nor is it OS specific.

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