Monitor and Control Network Usage on Win10

If you are on your network or WiFi it’s easy to forget that things are consuming bandwidth and just go, but if you are on a metered internet connection data plan like Cellphone Tethering/Hotspot or a capped plan from your ISP you need to be cautious not to exceed those caps or incur extra costs.

Monitoring Usage

There are two ways to monitor Network Usage Settings and Task Manager, both reset the information every 30 days.
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Windows Search Indexer High Disk or CPU

Search Indexer – What is it?

Search Indexer basically provides indexing of things on your computer for Windows Search and Cortana to work. It indexes and caches files, emails and other things that you would search for. By default this service should not be running at 100% unless your computer was idle.

From Microsoft:

Provides content indexing, property caching, an search results for files, e-mail, media files, contact list and other content.

Now that we know what it does we can see why it would consume as much resources as it does.
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Changing Default Editor in Ubuntu

By default the editor in Ubuntu Server is Nano, I prefer Vim.

Run the following command:

sudo update-alternatives --config editor

this will output a selection list that may differ depending on which editors you have installed:

There are 5 alternatives which provide `editor’.
Selection Alternative
*+ 1 /bin/nano
2 /usr/bin/vim.basic
3 /usr/bin/vim.tiny
Press enter to keep the default[*], or type selection number:

Select the number of the editor you want to use and press enter. That’s it.

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Rotate display in Linux when not using an X Server

In general you would use a desktop version of whatever Linux Distro you decided suits your needs and you may have an external display that you use to write scripts on or whatever else you do that would work best with a rotated (portrait) display; for me that is note taking or scripting. I have mine hard mounted to the wall and if I need to rotate it it’s almost impossible because I have displays on either side of it that are also hard mounted on the wall.

The last few days I’ve been playing with building a Linux (Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS) based Gateway to run my network in server mode and I had to use this rotated display as I had other things going on that were taking up the other displays. As you are aware, using a portrait display to see what you’re doing on a server is no fun and yes I can ssh into the server but I wanted to work directly off the server while tasks on my other machine were still going on. Yes, I did make this extra complicated for myself but it made me learn things that I and not many normally people think about. I could make this easy by installing a GUI but that would add extra things to my system that I do not need and that would take up resources that I prefer to go to the task I’m creating this system for.
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Make your Android phone a bit faster

First off let me say that this will not increase system resources, it will tho increase response times that will make your phone work faster by adjusting the animation timers.

First thing we need to do is enable Developer Mode

Warning : Before we go any further, only change the three items we list below unless you know what you are doing.
  • Open the Settings app on your phone
  • If your handset runs Android 8.0+, tap System If not, skip this step.
  • Scroll down and tap About phone
  • Scroll down and tap Build number 7 times consecutively

Locate these three settings tap on each one and change it’s value to .5x ← Note the decimal.

  1. Window animation scale
  2. Transition animation scale
  3. Animator animation scale

Basically what this is doing is setting the transition animation time to 1/2 of it’s original value so things will load and close twice as fast, giving you a significant boost in non-wasted time on your phone waiting for things to load.

That’s it. Go enjoy your new speed.

100 Percent Disk Usage – Windows 10

In this article we’ll be talking about some things that cause 100 Percent Disk Usage and how to fix them

Windows Search

Windows Search is the back-end system that allows you to find your files faster on your Computer. It works by constantly indexing every single file on your computer.

  • Open a Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Enter the following
net.exe stop “Windows search”

Click Enter
To turn it off permanently:

Press Windows key + R and type

  • Click OK
  • Scroll down the list of services and double-click Windows Search
  • Click the General tab
  • Set the Startup type to Disabled
  • Click OK


SuperFetch is a feature that helps decrease boot time by making apps load more efficiently. However, it can cause usage problems with your drive.

  • In Command Prompt, type
net.exe stop superfetch
  • Click Enter

To disable it permanently

In services.msc, disable Windows SuperFetch


  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone and right-click on Skype.exe
  • Select Properties
  • Click the Security tab
  • Click the Edit button
  • Make sure All Application Packages is highlighted
  • Check Allow for Write Permissions
  • Click OK

Check in on your pets with Skype when you’re away

We keep hearing about the many things you can do with an older computer, here is a cool fun project that your pets will love.

Have you ever been away from home and wanted to check in with your pets to see what they were doing or be able to give them some attention without having to come home?
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