Computer printers have been quietly embedding tracking codes in documents for decades

In 2004, when color printers were still somewhat novel, PCWorld magazine published an article headlined: “Government Uses Color Laser Printer Technology to Track Documents.”

It was one of the first news reports on a quiet practice that had been going on for 20 years. It revealed that color printers embed in printed documents coded patterns that contain the printer’s serial number, and the date and time the documents were printed. The patterns are made up of dots, less than a millimeter in diameter and a shade of yellow that, when placed on a white background, cannot be detected by the naked eye.
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The Pocket Plug iPhone Case

Keeping my phone powered is important to me ad having to drag around an extra charger or a battery charger pack get’s to be cumbersome, which is why Prong’s PocketPlug ($69.95) caught my eye. There is no battery in the PocketPlug, instead the case has a built in, fold-out 2-prong AC plug built right into the back of the case, and it’s kind of genius.

The PocketPlug is a 2-piece case, where a top piece slides out allowing you to insert your iPhone. There is a built-in lightning connector at the bottom of the case that your phone slides onto, and your phone can charge either via the built-in flip out prongs in any standard wall outlet, or via the included mico-USB cable, which connects to the bottom right side of the case, allowing you to charge and sync via your computer’s USB port or any USB adapter you may already own. The case has a large camera cutout so taking flash pictures is not an issue even with the 5S’ flash. The case has an all-around well-built feel to it.

One item to note is that using the headphones with this case requires a small audio adapter; something they can address by providing one that is built into the case or making the hole wider. This may not even be an issue if you use Bluetooth.PocketPlug