Deleting an EFI System Partition on Windows

The EFI system partition (ESP) is a partition on a data storage device (usually a hard disk drive or solid-state drive) that is used by computers adhering to the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

An ESP contains the boot loaders or kernel images for all installed operating systems (which are contained in other partitions), device driver files for hardware devices present in a computer and used by the firmware at boot time, system utility programs that are intended to be run before an operating system is booted, and data files such as error logs ref. An EFI system partition is usually protected and locked by the Windows operating systems to prevent and avoid accidental deletion of these partitions. That’s why you can’t delete EFI partition using Disk Management tool.

Warning :

  • Deleting an EFI system partition will cause installed systems to become unbootable.
  • All the data on the drive (all partitions) will be erased.

Deleting the partition

  • Press Windows Key + R to open the run dialogue box.
  • Types diskpart and click OK to open command prompt window.
  • Type list disk to display all the disks of your computer.
  • Type select disk n to identify which disk you need to work with.
  • Type list partition to display all the volumes on the hard drive.
  • Type select partition n to identify which partition you want to remove.
  • Type delete partition override to remove the EFI partition.
  • You will see this message: DiskPart successfully deleted the selected partition
  • Type exit and press Enter to close the window.

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