Minecraft Is Getting Cross-Play On Multiple Platforms

With the upcoming release of the Better Together this summer, Mojang will unify the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with mobile and Windows 10 PC versions of the game under the Bedrock Engine family. (excluding Java Minecraft which will continue to be supported as an independent version)

Bedrock-supported platforms include Windows 10, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Gear VR, and Oculus Rift.

Because of the unified engine, the Minecraft team was also able to introduce “infinite worlds” to platforms that previously were limited to just three square miles. The feature had been available on PC for years and was a major draw for that version of the game.

New content coming out this summer includes wild parrots, fireworks, and fossils to excavate on console. A recipe book that allows for easier crafting and experimentation is also on the way.

When asked about platform specific packs and other content, Microsoft has this to say:

We are still working out [if platform-specific content will be available to a player on all platforms] and hope to have more details on that as we get closer to launch.


any DLC you purchase will be accessible amongst the various devices at no extra charge. (For example: if you buy the Greek Mythology pack on Nintendo Switch, you’ll also own it on the mobile, Xbox One and Windows 10 Editions too – no extra charge).

With the update comes:

  • In-Game Servers you can join right from the menu, including some of the most recognizable Minecraft servers: Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP, and Cubecraft; so you can co-op with other players.
  • Marketplace so you can buy and sell.
  • 4K HDR graphics which include improved lighting, shadows, water effects… basically, it’ll be like giving your eyes a luxury massage.

Super Duper Graphics Pack

Minecraft will get 4K HDR graphics which include improved lighting, shadows, water effects, the Super Duper Graphics Pack introduces features like dynamic shadows, lighting that streams through fog, movement in leaves and grass, new textures for mobs and villagers, directional lighting, edge highlighting and more! This Pack will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10, performing best on high-end PCs and the Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio).

Best of all … FREE

  • Pocket edition players will receive a free update as Pocket Edition will become Minecraft
  • Owners of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will receive the brand new Minecraft game for free.

Minecraft at E3

Super Duper Graphics Pack DLC Sneak Peek


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