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Students do what Social Giants drag ass on

While Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other Social Media Giants debate on whether blocking fake news on their services will be bad enough for their bottom line (because they make revenue for clicks on their sites and traffic flow) instead of focusing on the greater good for their users and society on a whole, a group of college Students have stepped up on done their job for them.

These students are

  • Nabanita De from the University of Massachusetts
  • Anant Goel, a freshman at Purdue University
  • Mark Craft from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Catherine Craft, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

They have open sourced the code of this tool to let other developers tweak with extension. It was developed during a hackathon at Princeton University.

In the current media landscape, control over distribution has become almost as important as the actual creation of content, and that has given Facebook a huge amount of power. The impact that Facebook newsfeed has in the formation of opinions in the real world is so huge that it potentially affected the 2016 election decisions, however these newsfeed were not completely accurate. Our solution? FiB because with 1.5 Billion Users, Every Single Tweak in an Algorithm Can Make a Change, and we don’t stop at just one.

FiB: Stop Living A Lie

From the original blog post:

Content-consumption: Our chrome-extension goes through your facebook feed in real time as you browse it and verifies the authenticity of posts. These posts can be status updates, images or links. Our backend AI checks the facts within these posts and verifies them using image recognition, keyword extraction, and source verification and a twitter search to verify if a screenshot of a twitter update posted is authentic. The posts then are visually tagged on the top right corner in accordance with their trust score. If a post is found to be false, the AI tries to find the truth and shows it to you.

Content-creation: Each time a user posts/shares content, our chat bot uses a webhook to get a call. This chat bot then uses the same backend AI as content consumption to determine if the new post by the user contains any unverified information. If so, the user is notified and can choose to either take it down or let it exist.

How do I get this awesome tool?

  • First you will need to be running Google Chrome
  • Once you have Chrome installed, go to the chrome web store and add our extension to your browser

How can I help?

If you are a Developer and want to help, check out their GitHub Repo here.


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