Destiny Dead Ghosts

Finding and reviving Dead Ghosts as you venture in the Destiny Universe,  will unlock Grimoire cards that add to your Grimoire points. The Grimoire cards each hold a snippet of lore relating to the Destiny universe that can be read over at or on the free companion app. When you collect all 50 of them, you’ll unlock the Ghost Hunter Trophy / Achievement.

Ghosts in the Tower

  1. In the Tower, go up the stairs to the second level on Tower North. There’s a small passage with lights and crates near the overlook. The ghost is on top on the crates along the wall.
  2. Travel down the path to Tower North. Exiting out of the passage, look to your left down the steps for a bridge leading to another tower. Go to the area the Speaker is in, to your left is the ghost in the library nook.
  3. From the spawn point, go down the stairs straight ahead to reach the Hall of Guardians. Enter the large room at the end of the hall with the table, and swing right as you pass through the arch. There’s a corner with a desk and some crates. The ghost is on the desk. (This ghost was moved in 2.0 but should still be in the same area.)
  4. Inside the Tower, go through the massive doors that only opens during an Iron Banner event, up the stairs and straight forward from the spawn. When they do open, search along the balcony railings on the right side to find the ghost.

Ghosts on Earth

  1. Just as you spawn in the Steppes, head straight forward and look inside the smaller structure to the left of the main building. Defeat the enemies in the area and look inside this shed to find a ghost under a desk, near a fallen chair.
  2. Follow the left path around toward the Mothyards to find a concrete-lined drainage ditch full of over-grown plants. Look near the covered pipes, inside the tall brush to find the next ghost.
  3. Continue into the Mothyards and fly over the crashed plane to find a second crashed rusty plane near the rock wall. There’s a wing pointed upward that you can use to ramp up into the cave above and reach a hidden ghost. Inside the cave, look along the left wall behind a rock and some shrubs.
  4. Entering the Lunar Complex, you’ll need to navigate through rooms in the dark after going upstairs through the entrance. In this large dark chamber with your flashlight active, stick to the right wall. Before you come to a wall, jump up onto the box-like machines to discover a hidden ghost.
  5. Leaving the complex and reaching an outdoor area called Skywatch, stick to the right wall and go up the snow-covered stairs to discovered a crashed helicopter. Jump down off the helipad to the ground further right to find an interior area beneath the pad. Circle around the wall to find a bunch of desks in a corner with the ghost.
  6. Exit Skywatch and you’ll switch to the Terrestrial Complex. Inside the main building, entering from the ramp outside, you’ll need to go downstairs. All the way down to the lowest floor. Taking the steps down to the bottom basement, go straight through the first room and turn left as you enter the second to find some lockers. The ghost is inside one of the open lockers.
  7. Getting to the Forgotten Shore next, look for a shipwreck down the path from the bunker structure on the hill, far out of the shore itself. The cabin is half submerged in snowy dirt and the ghost is right inside.
  8. From the shipwreck, continue up the path toward the objective bunker ahead. Inside the wrecked bunker, look for stairs leading down in the basement levels. Down at the very bottom, you should see mangled concrete and rebar wreckage to your immediate left from the stairs. Look under the metal stairs themselves to spot the ghost. There are high level enemies nearby you’ll want to watch out for.
  9. Fly into the Grottos. To the left of the first two enemies, there’s a dirt path just next to the water. Follow it instead of the main road to discover a large pipe with broken bars. Just beyond the pipe, on the rocks, you should spot a ghost.
  10. Higher level players can continue on, or double-back to the start and follow the opposite path. Go to the Divide and follow the right ledge up onto the structure rooftops. Jump to the high rooftop until you can look on a street sign beneath a rusted control room.
  11. Straight ahead from the Divide entrance, you’ll find a partially constructed pipe near the concrete wall. From the start of the area, simply continue straight forward and look inside. On the dirt and shrubbery you’ll find a ghost.
  12. Moving through the Divide and entering the Breach through the huge tunnel of fans. As you enter the underground area, jump over the railing and search under the catwalks in the first room to find a ghost sitting on the concrete below a series of tubes.
  13. Continue toward the very end of the Breach, through the halls until you reach a spooky area with a fluorescent light tube that breaks when you step under it. There’s a dead ghost stuck into the ceiling a few steps ahead down the main hallway. Look up and watch for the ghost’ glowing blue light.
  14. Leaving the Breach and continuing to the Rocketyard through the Divide, you’ll enter a combat area with a deadly eye and several smaller hunters near a shipping container. Jump up to the rooftop along the left wall and look on the ceiling unit to find a ghost. It’s along the left concrete wall, on top of the structure, while going to the Devil’s Lair Strike mission.
  15. Inside the refinery, you’ll eventually reach a large room with stairs to the left going up and steps going down straight ahead. Go down the steps and look under the logo in the concrete to find two busted double doors leading into a small room with the ghost in the dark back corner.
  16. At the Devil Walker’s arena, the Blast, there’s a garage just behind the walker with stairs. Go up to the control room to find the collectible on the desk in the back.

Moon Dead Ghosts

  1. Enter the Archer’s Line area during The Dark Beyond, move forward and look for a large pipe running through the area above. Go to one of the struts near the spawn and jump onto the machine box-y unit while looking up at the pipe above. Look carefully for the bright blue light.
  2. Instead of going to the pipe, look near the high pipe line for a dome structure that’s been left partially destroyed with holes in the ceiling. Go to the road leading up to the structure and look down into the bottomless crevasse on your right to spot the dead ghost deep down on a precarious ledge.
  3. Continuing into the Anchor of Light area during The Dark Beyond, there’s a large comm tower structure with multiple levels. Follow the ramps and double jump onto the platform where the main struts of the comm tower are bolted down. Jump onto a crate embedded beneath one of the main struts, then jump to the railings above and look down over the top of the metal archway to find the next ghost.
  4. Once inside the Hall of Wisdom in the World’s Grave story mission, you’ll eventually reach an area with a glowing chandelier brightly giving off yellow light. From this source, move to the left wall until you reach a gap. To the far left of the gap there’s a small hidden ledge with the ghost visible.
  5. At the Circle of Bones, in the same mission, you’ll reach a huge room with a circular opening above. Enter the room and follow the more-narrow left path. There’s a curved window railing you can jump on top of. Get to the top then double jump across the gap onto the walkway ahead to get around the dead end. Now you can continue to follow the left-hand path until you spot the ghost on the railing.
  6. Going on the Sword of Crota quest and flying into the Hellmouth area, stick to the right rock wall of the zone until you reach a path leading up into a camp with tall floodlights above a facility with several buildings. Enter the first building in the middle of the crater and turn right to find the ghost sitting on a computer terminal.
  7. Moving on to the Gatehouse, enter through the main doors and you’ll find yourself inside another huge circular chamber full of enemies. Just as you enter this area, turn left and look for a platform past the cliff. Look down on the metallic-ridged strut to find a secretive ghost.
  8. Going into the Shrine of Oryx mission, you’ll need to reach a strange globe and destroy it by following a curved path around the room. Go through the huge circular door that slides open leading to a hallway with dividers featuring round circle indentations. The ghost is in the back right corner of this hallway.
  9. Back at the Temple of Crota during the Chamber of Night mission, travel all the way down to the lowest level of the temple. On the floor below the huge structure at the center of the silo, take the ramps in the back of the chamber up. On the platform, jump onto the left railing, then double-jump to the scooped jutting features of the central ornament. Use it like a ledge, then double-jump onto the rounded lip above along the exterior circle of the chamber. Now you can jump onto two levels of rocks, moving back toward a platform hanging directly above the room entrance. Jump over to the metal platform to finally get the ghost.

Venus Dead Ghosts

  1. While in the Headlands area during the first mission “A Stranger’s Call” go up the dirt path to your right instead of following the way-point left. The road should lead to a larger pool with three dark blue deep spots and some strangely shaped pointed rocks. Look behind the outcropping of rocks in the pool to get the first ghost.
  2. Continuing the same mission you’ll encounter Fallen in the ruined city area of the Shattered Coast. Go to the Guardian Outpost objective building and look in the car nearest the front of the outpost, there’s a ghost in the back seat.
  3. Moving forward to the Ishtar Academy area, you’ll find a strange pillar of white light that belongs to the Vex. As you enter, look up directly to the left of the white beam. Double jump up to the second then third floor. Now that you’re on the third floor, look on the bookcases to the left to find the easily visible ghost.
  4. Switching over to the “Ishtar Collective” quest you’ll move down to the Ishtar Cliffs. Just as you reach the area and get a view of some ruins guarded by Fallen, look to the left of the muddy waters to find a tall stack of rocks near a tree. Jump onto these mossy rocks to find a hidden ghost at the top.
  5. Going to the Waking Ruins area, there’s a large dirt cliff jutting from the center of the area. To get up to the highest ledge follow the dirt path forward until you spot a large geometric square stone. Double jump onto the pillar near the water then jump across to the jutting platform ledge. Now you can move to the front of the tall landing and double jump onto the highest pillar next to the circular gate.
  6. At the Campus 9 area, jump onto the orange-ish shipping container structure in the very back to reach the cliff to it’s right. Get up there, and look up at the large stone pillar right next to the ledge. Double jump and use the cracked missing corner to smoothly scramble up to the top. Once you get there, you can jump across to another nearby platform with the ghost clearly visible.
  7. Leaving that mission and starting up “The Archive” you’ll eventually enter the Ishtar Commons. The objective building you need to reach has a huge tied dark red awning. Leap up onto the exterior lip above the rounded entrance to the objective building where the blue light of the ghost is plain to see.
  8. In the same exact area, instead of going to the objective building, follow the dirt path to the right just as you leave the building leading here. Go inside the building and look for a ruined elevator with the sliding doors half-open. Go inside to claim a ghost.
  9. Same mission, you’ll reach an interior courtyard full of Fallen called the Hall of Whispers. Go up the curved stairs straight ahead of the entrance then turn right and back-track up more steps. Continue along this high path and look up at the tree branches near the railing. The blue light of a ghost should be visible in the branches.
  10. Jumping into the “Scourge of Winter” mission and fighting into the Ember Caves area, you’ll need to climb up metal platforms to reach the objective marker. Go to the lower ramp onto the Fallen base and look far right to find a cave in the rock wall. Go inside and you’ll see the bright blue of a ghost in the dead end.
  11. Getting into the Winter’s Lair cavern, stick to the left wall and enter the first dead end small side-caves to find the ghost sitting in the corner.
  12. On the mission to fight the Vex Gate Lord, you’ll reach a large arena in an area called the Endless Steps. Just as you enter, look for the large portal on the right — that’s where the Gate Lord resides. Instead of going there, you’ll need to reach a tall pillar shooting out a beam of pure white light into the sky. It’s straight ahead of the entrance. To reach it, start at the entrance then jump to the platform to the left, following the high left ledges to the beam. The ghost is above the beam itself. To get on top of the black pillar, use the mossy rock hill. Then jump up onto the grey pillar above to finally get the dead ghost collectible.
  13. Inside the Nexus Strike, go to the N/Gen Branch you can collect this ghost after clearing the area of enemies. An objective will appear above, leading you up catwalk stairs to a door on a building above the ground. The ghost is located just left of the door controls, right on the main Strike mission path.
  14. Going to the Dig Site 4 area in the same Strike, the objective marker will lead you into a chamber with a giant glass specimen tube. The objective marker will lead you through the door on the left wall. Instead of going there, take the small set of steps up and into the door straight ahead to a lab. Look in the sinks to get the last ghost for Venus.

Mars Dead Ghosts

  1. Load up the Mars Patrol mission to spawn into the Barrens. Follow the path forward toward the metal cave entrance to the Hollows where Vex and Cabal are fighting near some structures. Enter the first circular building you come near and look on a crate submerged in sand to grab the first ghost.
  2. Enter the base in the Scablands to the right of the Barrens entrance. Go to the large Cabal gate with flags hanging down from a walkway with a path leading to the right. Instead of going right, check the dead enter to the left past the checkpoint. Jump onto the metallic platform between the rocks and the wall to spot the next collectible.
  3. Get onto the road and follow it to Firebase Rubicon. Follow the left rock wall and jump into the base, sticking to the cliffs to your left. A bit into the base, you’ll find a cave in the dark leading up a tree in a dead end. The ghost is up here in the hidden alcove.
  4. Travel deeper through Firebase Rubicon to get inside the Iron Line. Enter the huge fortified underground area with the massive door — you’ll remember this area if you’ve started the Vex Spire mission. This is the room with several waves of Cabal enemies, including the giant armored trooper with a heavy machine gun. Start at the massive door and move left up the tiny ramp onto the catwalk. Jump up onto the pipes, then onto the catwalk above the door. Now look back inward to spot a small platform on a pillar. Jump to it, then jump up to the metal platform in the rock ceiling above. Get to it and you’ll find the ghost.
  5. From the Iron Line, follow the left path underground and enter the Trenchworks. Inside the canyon, stay along the right cliff wall and run to the huge flood lights. Look on the rights just past the flood lights.
  6. While on The Garden’s Spire mission, you’ll move through the Iron Line and open the massive door leading to a bridge guarded by more Cabal before finding the Spire itself. In the Legion’s Keep, go to the spire boss arena. There’s a metallic path right underneath the spire. Look next to the inner ring, near the sand entrance to the tunnel.
  7. From the Scablands, travel to the Drift and hop off your sparrow as the path opens up and slopes downward. Look to the right of the road for a collection of trees. The largest tree trunk has a ghost sitting in the gnarled branches.
  8. Inside the Buried City, double jump onto the roof of the Transit Station building. It’s the large structure in the center of the city, guarded by tough Vex fliers. On the rooftop, look where the billboard is anchored to find the ghost.
  9. From the Buried City, enter the underground Freehold Station where swarms of Vex are waiting in the dark. Enter the dark first room and stick to the right wall. Use the small oblong stations to check the flat-screen monitors hanging from the pillars.
  10. From the station, you’ll eventually reach Tharsis Junction. Fight through the station full of abandoned subway cars to the first Vex portal. Pass by the portal and loop around the train car to your right. Circle around to the back of the wall, up the dust hill to find the missing ghost.
  11. Stopping by the Hollows from the Barrens entrance, drive directly toward the large dome-like opening into the skyscraper tower. Enter the dome and jump onto the floodlight to the right, at the top of the steps. Use the lamp to double jump onto the catwalk, where the ghost is found above the ruined entrance.
  12.  Continue deeper into the skyscraper sub-level to reach the Dust Palace. Entering the massive atrium room with giant windows letting the sun flood in, follow the stairs up and left to a archway with a crate, allowing you to get the height you’ll need to reach the exterior rung platform above. Now you can jump across the run toward the huge two-story windows. The ghost is in the center.
  13. Moving into the Over-watch area where your main objective is, don’t go into the central room with the technology. Instead, look down the steps outside the entrance-way. There’s a curved desk against the left stairs. The ghost is sitting underneath the desk.
  14. On the Black Garden mission you’ll travel to the Giant’s Pass area where a Cabal ambush is waiting. Jump over the first bunker entrance to your right and run up the hill further right to a flat area with an old tree. Look behind the trunk to find it.
  15. The Valley of the Kings is where you’ll find a giant Vex portal and a Cabal fort. On the mission, you’ll need to enter a small bunker looking out at the Vex portal in the sand and activate your ghost. Instead of doing that, jump on top of the bunker and leap to the rock platform against the cliff to the right. Then drop onto the area below to find the ghost.
  16. To the right of the huge Vex portal, there’s a darker rock on the cliff’s edge. Follow the ledge right of that rock to find another ghost.
  17. The last two ghosts are located in the Black Garden, which is only accessed during the final quest. Entering the Upper Black Garden area, the ghost is found in the very first room. Climb and jump to platform your way up and around the huge archway ahead. Use the surfaces to the left as you enter to travel around the room clockwise, going up, over, and back down to reach the ghost.
  18. Moving forward, you’ll reach a large combat arena with a stationary Cyclops guarding the room. Instead of fighting into the area on your right, move along the cliff ledge on your left. Drop down to the alcove below to find the final ghost location in Destiny.

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