MineCrack Xbox 360 Edition

MineCrack for Xbox 360 🙂

Laptop Coffee

So, about a week ago I used some of my GameStop points to buy a used copy of the Xbox version of Minecraft.

Good Gods, this thing is more addicting than World of Warcraft! You can’t say, “Just one more quest… One more quest…” because there ARE NO quests! All the toodling-around you do in the game is whatever you’ve chosen to do. I was up til 5 am the first night!

It took me a while, but I eventually realized the “straight-out-of-box” game wasn’t the version in all the tutorials. So yesterday I traded in my 3DS and a few games so I could get the Wi-Fi adapter for our Xbox. Don’t worry, I hadn’t touched them in months, so I was fine trading them in. I also got $15 Xbox credit to get some skin & texture packs.

The Fantasy texture pack is Adorbs! The sheep have cute…

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