Hosting a Minecraft server behind a router

To go along with our tutorial to create a server, this one shows you Port-Forwarding.

The Wanderer

As Minecraft became more and more popular a plethora of server hosting solutions began to appear. Unfortunately Minecraft is a hungry resource eater, and even for about 10 players it requires quite a beefy computer with lots of RAM. Needless to say, the cheapest solutions of hosting are often disappointing, while those that provide lots of slots have ridiculous slots.

But what if you have a beefy computer and good connection? Well, you could host your own server then! It might not have 99% uptime, but for some fun sessions with your friends it proves to be more than enough.

Oh, but you have a router… it matters not! I’m sure you heard about port forwarding. Now, I’m not sure if this is a 100% proof solution if you’re on a DSL connection, and it also depends on how well a router can be configured, but I assume that…

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