Comcast and their crap modem

I have internet service with Comcast and I had been using their Arris TG862G/CT modem and had been having issues with my WiFi speeds coming from it. I have their Extreme 150 Mbps and was getting about 15 Mbps on WiFi at best, most times my phone was faster than my WiFi. So I set out to find out what the issue was.

Arris TG862G
Comcast Xfinity Home Gateway supplied by Cisco

I dealt with Comcast Tech support for just shy of a month and the series of troubleshooting was, reset the modem, check for firmware updates and such; there was an outage in my area for about a month so I understood that we could not do much. Keep in mind also that Comcast started the XFINITY WiFi and CableWiFi hotspots through any of their wireless modems. I had that turned off and things got a little better, so I figured that I’d run it for a bit so things could sync and start to work; nope, nothing got any better.

Motorola sb6141
Motorola sb6141 Cable Modem

At this point frustration started to set in so I did my own research and diagnostics. Seems that other people who were using this same model modem were having the exact same issues. Even with the XFINITY WiFi and CableWiFi hotspots disabled, there was still a ghost WiFi exactly where the hotspots were and they were still using bandwidth that would otherwise have gone to my WiFi network. I tried to work with Comcast one more time and was told that the hotspot was not enabled and should not be showing, we went through the basic troubleshooting and nothing, to make things even more frustrating the Tech I spoke to constantly kept muting the call and returned laughing after a few minutes. Frustration set in and I told them to leave everything as is and I’d just be getting rid of the piece of crap causing me unneeded stress.

I set out to research what my best options were and this was my solution… The Motorola sb6141 modem and I got it at a reasonable price at Walmart, $89.00 before taxes.

Some of the features it offers:

  • Compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX computers
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 to expand network addressing capabilities
  • Enhanced security: supports AES traffic encryption
  • Channel bonding of up to eight downstream channels and four upstream channels increasing data rates of over 300Mbps for received data and over 100Mbps when sending data
  • Includes an internal filter to eliminate potential interference from MoCA signals’ intermodulation beats

After switching to this modem I have seen way better WiFi speeds, last I checked I was getting about 50 Mbps and up and I’m using an older Linksys E4200 WiFi router that is just about 3 years old.

My next purchase will be a new WiFi Router, I’m currently looking at the ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Router

And this is my rant for today.


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