John Oliver: Stop Calling It Net Neutrality; It’s ‘Preventing Cable Company F**kery’

This is the most honest talk about this topic I have heard since the issue started to be debated. In my opinion, instead of allowing companies to merge; they should force them to compete. Competition brings better service and better prices for consumers like me and you and that is really what should be happening as well as protecting the right of the consumers, NOT corporations.

On the Jun 1, 2014 John Oliver show (technically “Last Week Tonight”), his “top story” was all about net neutrality. This is both surprising (because the issue has received little mainstream attention) and awesome, because it needs much more mainstream attention. He has an amusing call to action for “internet commenters” who he suggests have been training their whole lives for this moment, when the FCC has asked people for comments on its proposal. It’s just too bad he pointed them directly at the confusing site, rather than the EFF’s much better interface at

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