How to: Auto Join XMPP Chat Rooms in Adium

If you own a mac, you are most likely using Adium as your default chat client. If you use chat rooms you probably have to manually join them every time. If you are like me and prefer to just auto join your faves, but Adium doesn’t have an auto join option like Pidgin for example does. We use XMPP/Jabber as a protocol because it is one of the newer chat protocols and it’s growing more common, of course you can still use your regulars like Google, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, Facebbok and Twitter. So how do I do it? With an AppleScript.

Setting up AppleScript

  • Create an AppleScript using AppleScript Editor, which is in your Utilities folder.
  • Put the following code into a new AppleScript, replacing “your-room-name” with the name of the Group Chat room you want to join. If desired, you can join multiple rooms by adding multiple GetURL lines:
tell application "Adium"
   GetURL "xmpp://"
end tell
  • Click the Run button to test that the AppleScript works.

Setting up Adium

  • Start Adium and go to the menu and click Adium > Preferences
  • Choose the Events category.
  • In the list of events, click on You connect and then click the [+] (plus) button at the bottom-left.
  • In the window that appears, choose Action: Run an AppleScript
  • Press the Browse… button, then find and select the AppleScript that you saved in Step 1, and press Open to choose it.
  • Press OK to save the new event.
  • You may see a warning that you are editing a default event set. If so, enter a new title for your custom event set, such as: “My Events”
  • If you have not already done so, you will also need to set as the default client/handler for theXMPP protocol.
    • Still in the Preferences window, go to Preferences > Advanced
    • Click Default Client on the left, and select from the pop-up menu to the right of the Jabber protocol.
  • Done!
    • You are done – close the Preferences window.
    • Quit and restart Adium to test to see if it properly auto-joins you to the desired room.


Here is a shorter way to do this.

  • Connect to your Group Chat room
  • With the Group Chat room active, click Contact from the menu bar
  • Click Get Info
  • Click on the Advanced tab (last one with the gear icon)
  • In the pop-up window check the Bookmark: [ ] Automatically join on connect

Activate Reopen Chats

If you want to have the Group Chat room loaded each time you login do the following:

  • Click Adium
  • Click Preferences
  • Click the Messages icon
  • Check the Reopen chats from last time on startup

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