Steve Wozniak

Wozniak Breaks the Silence, Says Jobs Movie Was “Largely a Lie About Me”

It’s no mystery that Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS isn’t exactly faithful to reality, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak apparently can’t take it anymore. Half a year after the movie debuted to negative reviews, the Apple 1 creator decided to break the silence.

Wozniak has never been a fan of Mark Hulme’s JOBS biopic, but he has always turned his diplomatic cheek when faced with inquiries about the movie and how he saw it. Not anymore, though.

In a comment on Google+, the genius behind Apple’s first computers lashes out.

“Actually, the movie was largely a lie about me. I was an engineer at HP designing the iPhone 5 of the time, their scientific calculators. I had many friends and a good reputation there,” Wozniak writes.

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