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CyanogenMod Installer Arrives on Mac OS X, Download Now

Android users may have more freedom than their iOS rivals, but even they have to jailbreak their devices to get what they want. Up until now, you could only install CyanogenMod using a Windows PC, but today brings the first-ever Mac-compatible installer to the OS X camp.

If you’re rubbing your eyes in disbelief, save yourself from temporary blindness and check out the CyanogenMod Installer Mac Beta, freely available for download at the supplied link.

The list of supported devices can be found on the CyanogenMod Installer wiki, along with some commonly answered questions.

The reason you might want to flash your Droid with CyanogenMod is fairly simple: remove bloatware installed by your carrier, get access to the most current versions of Android available, extra features not included in the stock version of the OS that came with your phone, etc.

There are also some cons, just as there are with jailbreaking iOS devices, so be sure the see the full list of disadvantages before doing anything.

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