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How to Disable, Stop or Uninstall Apport Error Reporting in Ubuntu

Apport Error Reporting was first shipped enabled by default in Ubuntu 12.04 and has been that way ever since. Apport is an internal debugger that automatically generates reports to submit reports for crashed packages. Due to this you may get many Internal System Error or Sorry, Ubuntu <ver> has experienced an internal error pop-ups while using Ubuntu. The problem with this is that many of the reports can’t be filed or have already been filed so it is pretty safe to turn off this feature and stop those annoying pop-ups. You will need to have sudo rights on the machine however, which Ubuntu assigns automatically to the main user on the machine and he/she can assign as needed to other users as needed.

Apport is an Error Reporting Service provided by Ubuntu to intercept and analyse crashes and bugs as and when they occur. Crashes and Bugs may sound like bad things, but actually most operating systems will have several a day, and it doesn’t mean your computer is broken, nor does it necessarily stop working. As such, Apport can usually be safely disabled, as it doesn’t fix anything, it just tells developers that something went wrong.
– Ubuntu

Stop Apport

To stop Apport, run the following command. Keep in mind that unless you remove the service completely, it will start again the next time you reboot your computer.

  • sudo service apport stop

Disable Apport at boot

To disable Apport but not remove it you will need to edit it’s config file.
In terminal open the following file in your editor of choice, I use vim.

  • sudo vi /etc/default/apport
  • Change enabled=1 to enabled=0
  • Save and exit your editor

Uninstall Apport

The best way for us to go about this is just remove the service all together. It’s fairly simple really and there are two ways of doing it.

Uninstalling via Software Center

Uninstalling using apt-get via Terminal

  • Start Terminal
  • sudo apt-get purge apport

That’s it. Go enjoy your Apport pop-up free Ubuntu but do remember to keep your computer updated.


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