Apple Ordered to Pay ¥330 Million Over Patent Infringement in Japan

In a world where Apple is steadily taking just about anyone to court over infringement of their patents, sometimes the tides turn and this is one such case.

Reported on the Dow Jones Business News:

The Tokyo District Court on Thursday ordered Apple Inc. ( AAPL ) to pay Y330 million in damages to Japanese inventor Norihiko Saito in a patent infringement case involving the U.S. firm’s iPod music player, Kyodo News reported.

The patent that Mr. Saito’s company applied for in 1998 covers a technology for the Click Wheel controller that Apple has adopted for the music player in Japan since 2004, Presiding Judge Teruhisa Takano said in the ruling.

I find it humorous that  Apple can copy and infringe on the work of others but not the other way around.

In an article at AppleInsider, the author quoted:

On a high level, companies are foolish not to follow successful ideas. After Coke began selling Tab, it was pretty important for Pepsi Light to appear. And after demand for Pepsi’s Mountain Dew was established, it’s not surprising that Coke released its own Mello Yello.

If Apple didn’t release high level features for iOS that matched the best ideas of other platforms, it would simply be stupid; the company would deserve to lose its customers.

So why then is it not OK for other companies to do the same when they are copying from Apple? See the Hypocrisy?

There are several items that show how Apple copies from other companies and we see it as innovation.. Braun being one of the main ones…

Braun or Apple?

by adam.
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