iOS7 is out.. Here are some things to check before you try to upgrade

Check device compatibility

  • First, make sure your devices are capable of running iOS 7.

iOS Compatible Devices

Delete unused apps

  • Once you’ve determined your iDevice eligible for the upgrade, it’s time to quickly go through the apps you currently have installed and delete any that are unused.

Update installed apps

  • After pruning up your installed apps, launch the App Store and ensure that the remaining apps are up-to-date. Take a minute to cherish the last time you’ll be forced to manually install app updates. With your apps up-to-date, you’ll minimize the wait for a lengthy list of apps to update as well.

Back up

  • You’ll want to be sure to back up your device(s). You can do it using iTunes or by letting iCloud take care of it for you.

Update iTunes

  • When a major version of iOS is released to the public, it’s almost always accompanied by an update to iTunes. The update usually adds new features to iTunes, but it also brings with it compatibility for new devices and the new OS.

iOS7 Screens


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